The hinterland castles of Misano Adriatico

Misano is surrounded by wide green hills and colorful fields in bloom. Many places of historical and cultural importance to visit and discove

Within a radius of 30 km you will find the fascinating medieval castles:


Picturesque medieval village, do not miss the Castle with its elegant rooms that recall the power of the families that governed over them: Malatesta, Sforza and Della Rovere and host of the tragic story of Paolo and Francesca. Many initiatives to help you discover this place and events that make it even more magical: “The Magic Castle”, “Siege of the Castle”, “Gradara of Love”, and many festivals and exhibitions.


Beautiful village located on the border between Romagna and Marche, from its strategic position you can admire the Adriatic Sea on one side and on the other Montefeltro. Mondaino seems to have a long histor: it is upstream of the deer and Diana, the goddess of hunting, but visiting the village, people can not think of the Middle Ages, because of the fortress and the city walls. Among the events it is certainly remembered “The Palio of the deer”, famous historical revocation, the village is transformed and is catapulted into the Middle Ages with the arts and crafts of the time.


One of the most beautiful villages in Italy, it is situated on the border between Romagna and Marche, strategically located so as to be disputed by powerful families: Malatesta, Montefeltro, Borgia and Venetians. In more recent history, during the World War II, it was crossed by the Montegridolfo Gothic Line, do not miss, in fact, a visit to the Museum of the Gothic Line. Among the events to remember “The released Montegridolfo”revocation of WWII which commemorates the liberation from the Nazi-fascist regime.


Small village standing on a knoll that characterizes the profile of Saludecio,it is a municipality of the province of Rimini, consisting of steeples, towers and walls. You go into the town from an ancient gateway, Port Gate, which faces the sea and from wich you can admire the harmony of the square, the noble streets and the alleys. People can admire its murals and Churches. Among the many events let’s mention the “800 Festival”, theme party inspired to the nineteenth century.

Montefiore Conca

Medieval capital of the Conca Valley and one of the countries of the Malatesta’s, it is one of the most fascinating bourghs of the of Italy“. The Rocca, as stone sentinel of the Malatesta lands, offer truly unique glimpses, it is standig on a promontory where, on a clear day, you ca n see the coast from Fano to Ravenna. There are several events and festival, but do not miss the appointments with “Rocca di Luna” in the magic of the borough wich becomes an open air stage.